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Hi there! I just recently opened up a unique store called Yvonnes Soul Rejuvenation in the Historical/Harbor District of Plymouth. I am a Holistic healer, was a Hospice volunteer for several years as such, as well as a Prudential Real Estate agent. Making crystal healing jewelry such as bracelets, pendants, earrings and now flippy jewels, are what I put my heart and soul into. You will just have to come and see! I created something called, Crystal Guardians, with the logo of the letters C and G with an Angel wing and a halo. I created this logo probably 3 years ago, as well as the Crystal Guardians, with the intention of one day having my own store in Plymouth..which I now have. Many of the Crystal Guardians have Swarovski crystals on them as well, which make awesome rainbows when the sun hits them! Making custom jewelry and custom CGs are very special and unique as the person who buys them. Each is one of a kind.. that is the other thing. I only make ONE of a kind... similar, but never the same. Just like people.. unique and one of a kind.
I am currently working on a gorgeous painting, which I know someone will fall in love with. I have a HUGE mural on the wall in my store of a Manomet sunrise at 5 am from last October. It is worth coming and seeing it! Feel free to find more about me and what I do. Reiki sessions ( de stressing) sessions are available by appointment only... www.yvonnesoulrejuvenation.com FB Yvonnes Soul Rejuvenation FB Crystal Guardians Thank you and I cannot wait to meet you!
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My blog will be about staying positive and realizing some things you just can'tMore control. Having gone through, and coming so far in my life, I have a different outlook than most people.
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