Frogs for Freedom Motorcycle Run Sunday

The Navy SEAL Foundation will host its fourth annual fundraiser at the Black Raspberry Pub Sunday, Sept. 18.

Most people might not like being described as a frog, but Ron Flockton doesn’t mind a bit. In fact, he’s proud of it.

Being a frogman is part of who he is; he and every other Navy SEAL.

“The SEALS were originally called Frogmen,” Flockton explained. “It’s their heritage.”

Flockton was a SEAL serving in Vietnam nearly 40 years ago. Now, he’s retired but still supporting his fellow frogmen.

This Sunday, Flockton and other current and retired SEALs will support their fellow frogs at the Frogs for Freedom Poker Run, a motorcycle run in its third year.

The motorcycle run will raise money for the Navy SEAL Foundation to support injured SEALS and the families of SEALS who have died while on duty-such as the members of SEAL Team Six who finished the decade-long hunt for Osama bin Laden and died in a helicopter crash in Afghanistan less than three months later.

“I think this year it’s opening a lot of people’s eyes was the helicopter crash,” Flockton said. “This is our fourth year, it gets bigger every year.”

Taking charge on the lead bike of the run is Janet Anderson of Barnstable; the mother of Kevin Houston, a member of SEAL Team Six.

“We’ve got a couple of surprises planned for her,” Flockton said. “I won’t go into it, but I told her, ‘Bring your Kleenex.’”

The Foundation helped Anderson fly to Dover Air Force Base where the bodies of the SEAL team were brought after the crash. It also took care of her expenses going to Arlington National Cemetery, where Kevin and his comrades were buried.

The run consists of five stops across southern Plymouth County, and ending at the Black Raspberry Pub in North Plymouth. It’s called a “poker run” because at each stop, the participants will draw a playing card.

It’s like five card draw on motorcycles, Flockton explained.

At the end of the run, the cards will be totaled and the riders with the best hand, and the worst, will receive a plaque.

Prizes will be offered for other contests as well, including the largest team of riders.

After the run, the entertainment begins, with a Dixieland band led by a former SEAL, 50/50 raffle, door prizes and other surprises.

“I might be prejudice, but we’re the best there is,” Flockton said. “We do what needs to be done.”


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