Center for the Arts Offering Summer Classes

The Plymouth Center for the Arts is offering summer art and music classes for children and teens.

Sketches by the Sea

We're heading to the waterfront to take photos of all that interests us: boats, fishermen, lobster traps, even tourists eating ice cream! Then we'll head back to the Center to complete the art in B&W or color. You'll need a digital camera...we supply the rest. Max. 8 students

Instructor Terry Kole
Class for ages 12-18
M, T, W, TH 9am-noon $105m/$115nm June 25-28

Drawing and Painting

Students will develop artistic skills using a variety of materials and techniques. Materials include: charcoal and chalk; oil pastel and wax resist; pen and water color; and acrylic paint. Projects will include observation and discussions based on styles of art throughout history. Limit 10.

Instructor Doro Simone
Class for ages 6-12 years
M, T, W 10am-noon $70m/$80nm per each 3 day session
July 9, 10, 11 Theme: Flying into Impressionist Skies
July 23, 24, 25 Theme: Expressionist Faces and Unusual Places
August 6, 7, 8 Theme: Realism, Reflections and the World of
Water#V6110D August 20, 21, 22 Theme: Wacky Works in Design and Abstraction

Recorder Karate

If you are interested in learning to play an instrument, this beginner recorder class is a great way to start! Recorder karate motivates students to learn to read music, play an instrument, work as an ensemble and develop confidence to perform as a soloist. Working at their own pace, students will receive colorful "Karate Belts" to hang from their recorder as they work through each progressively more difficult tune. To end the 3-week program, the children will put on a small recital for their friends and family. This performance will take place the final hour of the last class. Limit 12

Instructor Jodi Mulcahy
Class for ages 7-9 years
M, T, W 10am-noon $150m/$165nm plus $5 supply fee for a recorder and music. Nine two-hour sessions: July 16, 17 18, 23, 24, 25, 30, 31 & Aug. 1

Color Burst

Students will explore various styles of art to be applied by way of mixed media to create abstract and realistic compositions. In short, come have a blast making art and discovering something new! Dress for mess!

Instructor Sarah Bates Washburn
July 16-20
M, T, W, TH, F $95m/$105nm
noon-2pm ages 13-18
August 20-24
9:30-11:30 ages 8-12
noon-2pm ages 13-18
9:30-11:30 ages 8-12

The Secret Garden

Do you love flowers, trees, nature? This is the class for you. We will visit the Mayflower House Garden, Brewster Garden and perhaps the Blue Blinds Garden. We will photograph our subjects, then come back to the Center to draw and paint our pictures. You'll need a digital camera...we supply the rest. Max. 8 students

Instructor Terry Kole
Ages 12-18 years
M, T, W, TH 9am – noon $105m/$115nm
July 9-12


ART IS IN YOU! An excellent class for new artists as well as everyone else! Come draw a very unique and inspiring design and watch it develop before your eyes. You will spontaneously draw lines and shapes in a balanced structure which will grow into a much more personal expression as you near completion of your masterpiece. You'll be surprised and pleased at your results in this fun and relaxing Art Exercise. Come try this! We will experiment with CO LOR when your design is complete. Limit 8 students.

Instructor Jill Voelker (ages 12-18)
T, W, TH, F 10am-noon $60m/$70nm
Four classes only
July 24, 25, 26, 27
August 21, 22, 23, 24

It's All About the Food!

We will visit all the great cafes and bakeries in downtown Plymouth, take photos of the wonderful goodies (...even buy and eat some!)…then come back to the Center to draw, color and paint these treats! If possible - we will head down to the Plymouth Waterfront to Wood's and have a day all about fish and shell-fish. Max. 8 students.

Instructor Terry Kole
Ages 12-18 years
M, T, W, TH 9am-noon $105m/$115nm
July 30-August 2

Down on the Farm

We will be drawing animals this week - most from the local farm at exit 5. We will start in black and white then move on to color. Come spend some time on the 'wild' side! You'll need a digital camera....we supply the rest. Max. 8 students.

Instructor Terry Kole for ages 12-18 years
M, T, W, TH 9am –noon $105m/$115nm
August 6-9

Cartoon Crazy

Come get your crazies out by cartooning your morning away! Learn to draw your favorite cartoon characters and then turn yourself, your friends and your siblings into these characters! You choose the characters. I'll teach you how to draw them. Max. 10 students.

Instructor Terry Kole
Ages 10-18 years
M, T, W, TH 9am –noon $105m/$115nm

In Your Face! - Portraits

Would you like to learn how to draw your friends…or perhaps your favorite singer or actor? We'll spend the week learning the basics of drawing and painting the face: eyes, noses, mouths, ears, hair…and put it all together in some great portraits. Max. 10 students.

Instructor Terry Kole. For ages 10-18 years
M, T, W, TH 9am –noon $105m/$115nm
August 20-23

Black and White- Pen and Ink

Take some time and really get into the nitty-gritty of pen and ink illustration. We will be drawing people, animals, buildings and a few of your favorite things. Max. 10 students.

Instructor Terry Kole.
Ages 12-18 years M, T, W, TH 9am –noon $105m/$115nm August 27-30

Conni DiLego July 16, 2012 at 01:22 PM
These are awesome clases and what a fabulous opportunity for those who love to create art, who would like to learn, or who never thought they could!! I hope each class fills up, has a blast creating and I can't wait to see some of the dazzling results when they're done!!


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