Rockin' at the Museum

South Elementary School shares what's been happening lately.

Students in Ms. Debra Carter's first grade class shared their beach treasures with fellow students during a pebble museum on September 21.

"To prepare for the event, children were assigned a scavenger hunt over the weekend to find ocean or beach treasures," says Ms. Carter. "They searched for a small rock on the beach that reminded them of something - a tree, a shoe, a cupcake or a worm, for instance. They named their rock and wrote it down on a piece of paper."

The beach collection was displayed in a pebble museum for third graders in Mrs. Trombly's and Mrs. Caldwell's classes. The program kicked off with a reading of Leo Lionni's book On My Beach There are Many Pebbles, followed by a showing of the unique beach treasures.

Discovering the Fun of Learning

This week, fourth graders at South Elementary School participated in a 50-minute science presentation aboard the National Science Center's Mobile Discovery Center. The Mobile Discovery Center is sponsored by the National Science Center, located in Augusta, Georgia, and the U.S. Army.

"Students climbed aboard an 18-wheeler tractor trailer that presented a program designed to show young people that studying science and math is fun as well as essential to their future," says Mrs. Dori Kondracki, fourth grade teacher. "The students enjoyed the fun, hands-on, interactive science demonstrations."

Presenters included two representatives from the Army who did experiments that showed sound waves, static electricity, and how the eye sees color.


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