Property Tax Payment Due Friday, but Town Hall is Closed

Plymouth property owners must pay their first quarter tax bill by Friday, Feb. 1, but Town Hall is closed Fridays, so make sure to pay it early.

Town Hall has been closed every Friday for the past two-plus years, not without controversy.

The money-saving move has had its detractors and its supporters, but it has led to some inconveniences for Plymouth residents.

This Friday, Feb. 1, is the deadline for Plymouth property owners to pay their first quarter tax bills.

State law requires the town to maintain the Feb. 1 due date, and the town is encouraging property owners to make payments early to avoid late charges and penalties.

Friday is also the deadline to file a tax abatement with the Assessors' Office, but since Town Hall is closed, you must file by Thursday.

The deadline to file a tax abatement with the Plymouth Assessors' Office is Feb. 1. The assessors office says applications must be filed either via U.S. Postal Service or hand delivered to the office.

The form itself can be found online here or at the assessors office at Town Hall.

Petitions are heard by the Board of Assessors, which meets monthly in the assessors office.

Vivian Hinderscheid January 31, 2013 at 06:29 PM
I just spoke to the Treasurer's Office (after a call to Collector's Office which informed me that no post-dated Feb. 1 checks would be accepted on Thurs. because bank deposits are made that day). Spokesperson at Treasurer's Office told me that the Collector's Office had given me the correct information, but I failed to ask the correct question. The box out front of Town Hall will accept payments on Fri., Sat., & Sun. with checks dated Feb. 1st. My premise is that the Collector's Office should be volunteering this information to taxpayers, not awaiting the 'correct' question. Vivian Hinderscheid Vfh.enterprises@verizon.net
Casey Meserve January 31, 2013 at 09:40 PM
Thanks Vivian!


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