Charges Against 'Pilgrim 14' Move Forward

A judge has decided to move forward on civil disobedience charges filed against 14 Cape Cod residents arrested during a protest outside Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station in May.

Wednesday afternoon, a Plymouth judge decided to move forward with civil disobedience charges against 14 Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station protestors.

The charges stem from a May 20 protest outside Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station. The protestors attempted to deliver a letter of demands to the plant manager. Pilgrim is owned and operated by Entergy Corporation of Louisiana.

Most of the protestors were from Cape Cod and part of a group called "Cape Downwinders"

Michael Risch of Falmouth was one of the protestors arrested. According to WATD, Risch was “Very pleased," with the judge's decision. "I’ve been here before and the case was dismissed. I’m not a publicity hound but I like an opportunity for the public to be made aware of various events."

Another Cape Coder Elaine Dickinson rallied outside of Plymouth District Court while the defendants went before the judge. She says the intent of those arrested was to put a spotlight on Entergy’s dangerous power plant.

"Some of our people went to meet with MEMA, a Massachusetts emergency group, and their maps and their plans are contradictory. There is no plan. There is no plan for people on the Cape, other than you go to your local health department and get your potassium iodine pills; that’s what they want us to do and be quiet," explained Dickinson

Twelve out of the 14 protestors arrested will return to court September 15. The other two defendants decided not to challenge the civil disobedience charges and opted to pay a $100 court cost.

Ernie Douglas July 18, 2012 at 08:30 PM
I think they are misinformed and distort the facts to scare the public, but I do respect their right to civil disobience if they are ready to face the consequences.
bruce February 07, 2013 at 03:13 PM
you mean the plant isn't leaking into the bay ... and hasn't been shut down for safety reasons 11 times in the last year ... and that the spent fuel rods are stacked up like coffins, and the odds the thing will pop are 1 in 8. you like those odds? what distortion?
Anna Baker February 08, 2013 at 12:14 PM
I'm thankful there are people like these 14 who are willing to get arrested to show the public how HUGE the risk of Pilgrim is! The plant is running past its intended 40 years of operation and should not have been re-licensed given its current host of problems, including the current leak of tritium in its groundwater, never mind everything else...
jack February 08, 2013 at 05:18 PM
Hope to see a lot more protests like this. These people understand the rights of our citizens and we need to stand up anfd fight for whats right.


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