Two Arrested in Braintree Dunkin Donuts Break-In

A Dunkin Donuts employee and his friend used a store key to enter and steal hundreds of dollars.

A Dunkin Donuts employee and his accomplice were arrested Thursday morning for breaking into the Braintree doughnut shop and escaping with money.

Lawrence W. Schelle, III, 21, of Braintree and Timothy J. Vecchione, 22, of Weymouth are being charged with breaking and entering in the nighttime and larceny over $250.

 The two suspects allegedly approached a side door of the Quincy Avenue  Dunkin Donuts and used a key to make entry and went directly to the back room where they stole cash drawers.

By using, a key, the Dunkin Donuts manager was immediately able to narrow down the search, as only three employees were given access to the exterior doors.

Braintree Detectives tracked down Schelle at his home  on Thursday and the Braintree man involvement in the break and was unable to produce his key to the store. 

During their questioning of Schelle, detectives learned that Vecchione had been over to visit earlier in the night. While speaking with Vecchione, detectives recovered a green duffle bag and noticed clothing that similar to the one seen in the surveillance video. 

During the investigation, detectives were informed by officers still at the donut shop that Schelle returned and made a confession to the manager and returned his share of the stolen money. Officers found more money at Vecchione's home. Both suspects were arrested.

Lawrence Schelle III February 04, 2013 at 04:29 PM
This article is about me and they have more than half of it wrong, and the picture is not where it happened.
Chet February 04, 2013 at 05:29 PM
Do tell, Lawrence. You didn't steal money and return it? Was it all your buddy's fault? Although I'd love for you to post your side of the story, I also hope your lawyer has already told you to STFU!
Joseph Markman February 04, 2013 at 08:26 PM
Hi Lawrence, If you'd like to talk more about the incident, please email me at joseph.markman@patch.com.


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