Trial Date Set for Pilgrim Anti-Nuke Protesters

The trial of a group of protesters arrested at Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station in May is expected to begin March 18 at Plymouth District Court.

Twelve people who were arrested during a protst at Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station last May will get their day in court, March 18 in Plymouth District Court. 

The activitsts, may of whom belong to an anti-nuclear group called Cape Downwinders, were opposed to the relicensing of Pilgrim. The 14 protesters were attempting to deliver a letter of demands to the plant manager when they were arrested on trespassing charges. Pilgrim is owned and operated by Entergy Corporation of Louisiana.

According to a blog post from Cape Downwinders, the anti-nuclear group that organized the protest, the group will argue their actions were necessary to help stop what they believe is the greater threat of nuclear energy. To bolster their claims, they hope to have noted antinuclear activist Dr. Helen Caldicott appear as an expert witness.

jack ahearn February 19, 2013 at 02:30 AM
Latest reports are spent nuclear fuel leaking from containers.Cleanup cost could be in the billions.So much for electricity so cheap it won't need to be metered.Keep up the good work Cape Downsiders :)
janet azarovitz February 19, 2013 at 02:34 PM
If we've awakened and stirred some discussion amongst the population, we've done some good. Please voice your concerns. janet


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