State Police, DA's Office Investigate Suicide of Plymouth Inmate

State Police are investigating the death of Eric Snow, who apparently killed himself at the Plymouth County Correctional Facility on Saturday.

The Massachusetts State Police and the Plymouth County District Attorney's Office is currently investigating the death of alleged Hingham murderer Eric Snow who was found dead in his jail cell over the weekend.

Snow was found shortly after 6 a.m. Saturday alone in his unit at the with a plastic bag over his head, according to John Birtwell, a Public Information Director of the Plymouth County Sheriff's office.

According to the Plymouth County Sheriff’s Department,  Snow, age 30, of Bridgewater was found nonresponsive in his cell. It has been made clear by the Sheriff's Department that Snow was alone at the time of the incident.

The Plymouth County DA’s office believes Snow suffocated himself with a plastic bag.

Snow was an inmate at the Correctional Facility awaiting trial on charges that he and a friend, James S. Winquist, of Weymouth murdered two homeless men at Bare Cove Park in Hingham in 2005, according to an article on Boston.com

Snow, who had his  nickname “Killa” tattooed on his neck, was being held without bail on homicide charges at the time of his death. Snow was one of two men being charged with killing William Chrapan, 44, and David Lyon, 46, in a long-abandoned military bunker near in West Hingham, according to the Globe article.

Both men had been beaten and one of Chrapan’s hands was missing, severed at the wrist.

The Globe article explains that Snow had criminal history and had been described by prosecutors as a white supremacist. It was also noted that Snow showed off Chrapan’s severed hand at a party.

Snow has been held at the Plymouth County Correctional Facility since his indictment in 2007, Birtwell said. His trial had been scheduled for May.


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