Life, as we know it ...

Whenever someone passes away my thoughts turn to Life.

For those left here on earth death is so final …

As you can imagine throughout my life I have attended many wakes and funerals. Never a pleasant thing but I go and willingly participate in long held traditions and rituals. You see, I believe in God. I merely tell you this so you can decipher from whence I come.

An aunt, my mother’s dear sister, died and her passing is very sad to say the least. Aunty suffered since birth and because of her many sufferings the family believes her death is a true blessing. We all believe that she is in heaven now with the rest of our dearly departed family.

‘She will not suffer ever again.’

Aunty paid her dues right here on earth one-hundred-times-fold. I also believe, for those of us left behind, it is painful but someday we will all be reunited again.

Be that as it may, it seemed right after the burial arrangements were made an unsettling thought struck me. This leaves me in the next line of succession. Not very pleasant to think about, but as you know death is inevitable, and I am not inclined to dwell on a negative. I much prefer to believe in the hereafter. This is my thought process and I have been very comfortable and happy in that thought process since my first inkling of a God and what ‘He’ represents.

Think about it. You and me - the entire human race had a mother that helped us into this life. We probably were very comfortable within that existence and we surely did not know anything else existed. Then that day came when we were catapulted into this life. Intriguing how it all works, don’t you think?  

I know there are some of you that are somewhat skeptical but that’s quite all right. I never judge.

I believe there is only one God and he loves us all no matter what. By the way, I say ‘He’ just to make a point. For all I know ‘He’ could be a ‘She’ and I am really okay with that. (Although, I might as well admit, my gut tells me that God could very well be both.)

So dear reader, perhaps I have given you some insight. If not, I’m sure we will laugh about it on the other side.


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