LETTER: Calter a Proven and Fair Leader for Plymouth

Selectman Ken Tavares shares his experiences working with state Rep. Tom Calter.

Dear Editor,

As a member of the Plymouth Board of Selectman I have had the opportunity to work with Representative Tom Calter on a variety of issues impacting our community. I have always found Rep. Calter readily available to discuss a variety of issues and concerns in a calm and thoughtful manner. Tom has shown that he has the ability to weigh all sides of an issue impartially and that he possesses a keen insight to do the right things for the right reasons. Tom has a calming influence on those around him and in discussions he has demonstrated that he can assist others to reach equitable compromises that benefit the entire community. Rep. Calter has been an important part of our state delegation and has worked well and earned the respect of his legislative colleagues.

Rep. Calter has sound business experience, strong personal ethics, and the non-partisan skills to work on both sides of the aisle in the Massachusetts House of Representatives. Returning Tom Calter to the legislature will ensure that our community and the Commonwealth will have within its ranks a proven fair leader.

Thank you,

Kenneth A. Tavares
Plymouth Selectman


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