Let's start with the women ...

I have a number of women friends that I consider very strong in their beliefs and convictions. Each female friend is formidable in her own right and I would not have it any other way.

You see, I am one of those women that likes other women. I am never envious or turned off by a woman who knows what she wants and knows how to get there. I learn by them.

A woman that whines does not do herself justice.

One of my girlfriends went through tough financial times. Yet she continues to hold her head up high and I never hear my friend complain. She is teaching her children to be self-sufficient.

I like that.

Two of my dearest girlfriends had cancer. To say the least, I watched them go through some very worrisome times. I prayed daily and gave my undying support. Each of those friends carried on with the utmost of faith and grace. To tell you that I admire both women tremendously is a total understatement. Thanks to modern day medicine, and their willingness to go through all the proper procedures, today they are cancer free.


I know a gal who has tons of responsibility. She has an important career and is very smart and very beautiful. She has more ‘stones’ than some men think they have. (If you know what I mean.) 

Hats off!

I have been friends with two girlfriends for a very long time. One friend for forty-eight years, and the other, forty. You would like them both very much. They can make you laugh and think at the same time and even though at times they have plenty of advice they are never self-righteous. They are always there for me as I am for them.

To the good times! Let them never end.

There are other very strong women in my life. I could not have it any other way. While taking care of their many family obligations they also have wonderful careers and a good number of them volunteer many, many hours towards helping their community. They are all dedicated and strong women who treat society and one another with respect.

My women friends have something else in common. They are not afraid to show their soft side. Strength and compassion is what they have. Oh, yes! And a healthy dose of common sense.

It takes a long time to make a good friend. I consider this time well spent.

Starting with my dear husband, I have also written about a number of very strong men in my life. You will read about how they have influenced and supported me through thick and thin.

A strong yet understanding man is not hard to find. You just have to know where to look, and then trust yourself enough, to know it.


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