POLL: Where Are You Watching the Super Bowl?

There are plenty of establishments hosting Super Bowl parties across Plymouth, but perhaps you have other plans.

"The Bruins, the Red Sox, the Celtics...now the Patriots. Enough already Boston."

Even the President acknowledges that we in New England are rolling in professional sports riches (and rightly so in this sports fan's humble opinion).

The New England Patriots will be playing in the Super Bowl in less than two weeks. That's just enough time to plan a party, buy the secret ingredients for your (in)famous chili, and place your bets with Las Vegas or choose your squares in the office pool.

What are your plans? Are you heading to a local establishment with friends, or inviting those same friends to hang out in front of the big screen at home? Have you been invited to a party or planning a party of your own? And most importantly, have you planned to take the Monday after off or are you just going to call in sick (and what excuse are you using so I can steal it)?


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