Extreme Skateboarder Confronts Extreme Snow

Skateboarding athlete wonders why South Shore town does not plow out parks and recreational fields so that children can stay fit during the winter.

Dedicated skateboarder Adam Wrightington was at Bare Cove Park Friday In HIngham afternoon shoveling out the skatepark after last week's blizzard.

Wrightington is originally from Plymouth, yet moved to Hingham for work and for its public skatepark.

As a younger man, Wrightington competed on the skateboarding circuit in Florida, and now practises on a daily basis to keep ahead of his sport and to attract the attention of sponsors.

One of his sponsors is All I Need apparel.

When he is not working as a manager at an auto parts store, Wrightington is skating, although this past week he has been shoveling.

"I've seen four snow plows go by [today] and nobody has stopped to plow," Wrightington said.

"I need to practise a lot," he said, "to learn things; to be comfortable and consistent. You need to practise all day and all night."

Wrightington said the he records his skateboarding.

"You record what you're doing and send it to a company," he said. "If they like you, then [they will sponsor you]."

After Wrightington spent Friday afternoon shoveling out the skatepark, he drove over a curb hidden in the snow covered parking lot and got a flat tire.

"I bonked off the curb, got a flat, and now I am stuck," said Wrightington, hoping that he will be rolling again soon.


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