New Plymouth Gym Makes Fitness Fun

PLYMOUTH, MA, Dec. 16, 2013 – The ShockYard Fitness & Social Club, opening in January at 19R Court Street in historic downtown Plymouth, MA, wants to redefine your weekly trip to the gym. Co-owned by two young, female fitness entrepreneurs who got their start in the modern revival of roller derby, the ShockYard seeks to make fitness fun by incorporating social activities, teamwork (as well as a little friendly competition), and a healthy dose of whimsy into their semi-personal training and bootcamp-style workouts. 

“My co-owner, Laura Vineyard, and I fell in love with fitness through our roller derby team, the Bleeding Heartland Rollergirls (Bloomington, IN),” says Casey McGrath, co-owner of the ShockYard. “The sense of community and friendship and the experience of working with a team toward a common goal helped us get in the best shape of our lives. We wanted to bring that same atmosphere of camaraderie and fun to a more traditional gym setting, where a broader range of people could experience it.” To achieve this, McGrath says, each ShockYard bootcamp class will be a team, competing against other bootcamps for prizes and glory. “If you know your teammates are counting on you, you’re less likely to skip a day of class, no matter how early that alarm goes off in the morning.” The ShockYard will also organize social club events with an active bent, such as fun runs or live-action board game nights.

The ShockYard will further diverge from traditional gyms by helping clients focus on fitness goals and milestones other than just weight loss. “Wanting to lose weight might get you in the door, but it won’t necessarily keep you coming back,” says Vineyard. “Regular exercise has so many other benefits, like boosting your energy, mood, and immune system. Realizing that you are getting stronger and healthier, that you can do something today you couldn’t do yesterday, that feeling is addictive. We want our clients to be proud of their bodies and what they can do.”

The ShockYard will be hosting a grand opening party and open-house, which they are calling ResolutionFest 2014, on Friday, January 10th, 5:30-7:30pm. There will be games, food, giveaways, special offers, and a chance to check out their new, 1,500 square foot facility. They open for regular programming the following Monday, January 6. More info can be found at www.ShockYard.com.

About The ShockYard Fitness & Social Club – The ShockYard Fitness & Social Club is a locally owned gym in Plymouth, MA, opening in January 2014. The ShockYard offers semi-personal training and team bootcamps that focus on building a social connection among clients.  ShockYard programming focuses on functional movement training, creatively using simple equipment and body-weight exercises to specifically address the goals of clients of any age and lifestyle.  The ShockYard is co-owned by Casey McGrath and Laura Vineyard, ACSM-certified personal trainers who became dedicated to fitness through their experience playing roller derby.  www.ShockYard.com


Casey McGrath and Laura Vineyard

co-owners, The ShockYard Fitness & Social Club

19R Court St.

Plymouth, MA 02360

(508) 808-9699




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