New Round of Entergy Negotiations Could Mean a Repeat of Summer Picketing

The union representing workers at Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station say their workers could choose not cross a picket line if 62 tech workers negotiating a contract now are locked out.

Entergy, the owner of Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station, is negotiation a new contract for 62 workers at Pilgrim who maintain the plant's computer systems ensuring communication and plant safety, and the union that represents these workers say other union members could choose to not cross a picket line if workers are locked out in a repeat of the summer's month-long lockout.

Negotiations are ongoing but the contract is set to expire Oct 24.

"[S]hould this escalate to a lock out workers from the other divisions would not be required to cross the picket line, so there is the potential for a repeat of this past summer should the operational division join the tech division on the picket line," union representative Krista Robinson said in an email.

The tech workers are represented by the Utility Workers Union of America Local 369, the same union that picketed outside Pilgrim for nearly a month when more than 250 workers were locked out when negotiations broke down with Pilgrim.



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