BBQ Fans Celebrate Best Breakfast in Plymouth: T-Bones Roadhouse

Price, taste and entertainment help T-Bones Roadhouse claim the best breakfast in Plymouth.

When you really want breakfast in Plymouth, there is no shortage of restaurants to choose from. In fact, it may be difficult to decide before that first cup of coffee.

We've asked Patch readers to vote for their favorite breakfast in Plymouth and the results were quite decided.

and battled for the top spot beginning Wednesday, when both restaurants posted our poll on their Facebook pages.

With passion on both sides, Cafe Olio's fans earned the most votes with 136 votes, 29 percent of the 466 total votes.

But thanks to it's passionate fans, T-Bones Roadhouse wins the Best Breakfast crown with 121 votes and a full 25 percent of votes.

One fan is, who writes: "I like a lot of breakfast places in Plymouth, but hands-down you get the best options, the best prices and the best staff that make you feel like family at T Bones Roadhouse. And on Saturday and Sunday you get live music starting at noon!"

T-Bones began serving breakfast seven days a week just over a year ago, and the response from fans, who normally expect barbecue and beer, has been tremendous.

Manager Matt Fiore said credited T-Bones top-notch products, price, and service for it's popularity.

"The value for what you’re getting, you really just can’t beat it," Fiore said. "My first year working here I walked around with my jaw on the ground I couldn’t believe what people were getting for their money."

T-Bones offers all the traditional breakfast fare: eggs and bacon, French toast, pancakes (called griddlecakes here), and fluffy Belgian waffles.

But it's the smoke that really seems to attract customers, from such offerings as the Louisiana Benny, a take on eggs Benedict that adds Louisiana Tasso ham and ancho hollandaise sauce to the over-easy eggs.

Then there's the andouille sausage and eggs, that adds smoke and spice to the traditional sausage and eggs breakfast. Then there are the Bloody Marys.

"We have very smart owners," Fiore said. "They’re not afraid of spending money to bring people back, and you also have to credit the chefs. It's their recipes. Since we started breakfast seven days a week, it’s just grown and grown."

Plymouth Patch continues searching for the "Best of Plymouth" beginning Monday when we ask the divisive question: "Who is the best dentist in Plymouth?"

Joseph D'Eramo March 09, 2012 at 05:44 PM
I'm saving my T-Bones visits for dinner. Metro and Blueberry Muffin are for breakfast.
John Bescherer December 10, 2012 at 07:55 PM
How does the restaurant with 121 votes (T Bones) beat the restaurant with 136 votes (Cafe Olio)? Maybe you should have another cup of coffee and take another look.


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