'January Thaw' Moving In This Weekend

The annual warm-up known as the "January thaw" is moving in this weekend.

A "January thaw" is moving in, according to meteorologists at WHDH-TV.

"Our annual January Thaw is upon us for the next several days," Ch. 7 meteorologist Jeremy Reiner posted in his blog on Tuesday.

For the past three days, the entire staff of the Ch. 7 "Weather Center" has been blogging about the mild temperatures.

Typically, the January thaw happens between Jan. 20-26 and is happening slightly earlier than usual this year, Reiner said.

But it will be a thaw in what has already been a mild winter. Meteorologist Pete Bouchard said there have been only 9 days with below normal temperatures since the meteorological start to winter Dec. 1.

The National Weather Service forecasts that high temperatures in Plymouth will be in the high 40s Saturday, with the temperature getting into the 50s Sunday. Daytime temperatures will stay in the 50s through at least Monday.

An even longer term forecast from Accuweather says that while temperatures will remain mild through mid-week next week, by next Friday, Jan. 18, temperatures will drop below freezing and will actually start a streak of below normal temperatures.


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