Free Hanover Shred-a-thon

Jay Richards invites to shred.
Jay Richards invites to shred.

With tax season behind us and spring cleaning just ahead, the South Shore community is encouraged to take advantage of the free Shred-a-thon sponsored by and at the offices of the Investment Advisory Group located at 51 Mill Street, Building D – Suite 101, Hanover, MA  02339.


The event is set for Saturday, May 3 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.  The public is invited to bring their unwanted documents. No need to remove paper clips and staples.


Shred King will be on site with a mobile shredding truck to slice through the details and dispose of all shredded material to a bonded recycling center, protecting the environment as well as your personal and business information.


"We are delighted to sponsor this important public service that helps protect privacy and promote recycling," noted Jay Richards of Investment Advisory Group and sponsor of the free event.  He continued, "Protect yourself from identity theft by shredding pre-approved credit card offers, old bills, out-of-date account statements and other personal documents that include confidential information by shredding them at this event."


There are over 10 million identity theft victims in the U.S., according to ABC News.


What should you bring to the Shred-a-thon?  The list includes old checks/carbon copies of checks, bank statements, pay stubs, receipts, credit card offers, medical information, medical bills, bills, and retirement statements.


What not to bring to the Shred-a-thon? Please leave these at home or the office - phone books, newspapers, plastics, pop cans, plastic bins, computers and monitors.


About Shred King

Based in Holbrook, MA and serving all of Eastern, MA, Shred King is a AAA NAID certified company and a leader in document shredding, document storage, document imaging and tape rotation.  Whether it's mobile shredding, paper shredding, document shredding, or any other document destruction service designed to help you comply with HIPAA, the Graham-Leach Bliley Act, 201 CMR17, or any other mandated privacy protection requirement, Shred King takes on all projects large and small. “Investment Advisory group gets it” says Don Cornell of Shred King Corp.  He continued, “They realize how important is to make sure their customers information is destroyed properly.”


About Investment Advisory Group

Investment Advisory Group offers a full range of financial planning that takes into account every aspect of the client’s life. The company provides ongoing, proactive and interactive communication. Investment Advisory Group shares the information the client will need to decide what steps to take to help protect what they’ve earned and to help provide for the future.  The company focus is independent thought, independent choice, and independent action – on the client’s behalf.


For more information about the Shred-a-thon, contact Jay Richards, jayrichards@iagadvisors.com, (781) 826-1235, X 11.


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